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Bergham Informer

August 30, 1976     ₤0.50

Rock Concert Causes New Haven Riot!

Officials in Rushdon today reported that a riot broke out late yesterday due to a rock concert gone awry. The police were called to north Authority to settle complaints of loud noises in the area at around 11:00 PM. The concert immediately turned violent as soon as the police arrived. After an hour or so, the riot at the concert was calmed.

However this riot was only one of many that took place during the early morning hours.

"Word got out about the riot that happened at the concert, and a lot of the gangs from New Haven came to settle the score," said a local in New Haven.

Sources indicate that the residents of New Haven were angered about the police raid because of the overwhelming black population at the concert.

"Those damn police raided that club so fast, I don't know what the hell happened. I was lucky enough to get the hell out real fast, and they never caught me. I heard that the police chased down and killed a lot of youngsters from the area," chimed in one middle-aged local.

At the time of this publication, the police force in Rushdon was nearly exhausted, and the Bergham Police were traveling south to assist the Rushdon Police in quelling the riots. The police forces are confident that they will be able to stop these riots within a day or so.

Reports indicate that already 104 civilians have been killed, and over 500 others injured. The police forces have reported a combined loss of 14 men so far. This is the deadliest riot in the past 50 years in England.

Bergham Informer

September 1, 1976     ₤0.50

New Haven Riots Refuse to Cease!

Yesterday's violent New Haven riots have carried on into its second day of existance. The Bergham police force traveled to Rushdon midday yesterday to assist the Rushdon police force, but the combined forces have created tensions. Some officers refused to work with officers from the other city, and others actually encouraged the riots to see the other police force suffer.

"I never thought I'd live to see the day when police were actaully causing a riot. It's unheard of. It really shows what our country has turned into lately," said one local in Bergham.

"Hell, we could stop fighting now, and the police would keep the riot going for another few days. It's dangerous, but we have to protect our homes," said one worried resident in New Haven.

With the harsh division of the police force, it seems that these riots may arise to something more drastic. Already there are reported plans of spreading this riotous fervor to Bergham. Caribbean immigrants have begun to follow the example set by the residents of New Haven, as sharp tensions have arisen in Ingram, Rushdon, and even in Westbrook, Bergham. Caribbean immigrants have long been accusing the police forces of racist attitudes, and it seems that this outburst was bound to happen eventually.

The casualties continue to rise, as already 215 civilians have been killed, over 1000 wounded, and the police forces incurring a loss of approximately 25 men. The Rushdon police have assured us that they are handling the riot adequately, and it will disperse within 24 hours.

Bergham Informer

September 2, 1976     ₤0.50

New Haven Riots Out of Control!

It has been three days since the devastating riots in New Haven began, and the police force is exhausted. Locals from Confluence, Bergham say that it was the police force itself that caused the riots to continue for so long.

"The way I see it, those damn coppers keep fighting and arguing with each other, and they can't accomplish anything. This looks bad, really bad," said Alan Carver, a teenager originally from Rushdon.

The combined police force has all but given up at quelling the riot. Some enraged residents have even begun to spread the riotous behavior to other sections of Rushdon, such as the Rushdon Docks and Downtown Rushdon. There seems to be no end in sight.

The band that played at the concert at which the riot began, The Sids, have no comment about the situation. The entire band left town shortly after the riot started. In the past, the band has been known to encourage riots.

Some people in Bergham are worried about this behavior extending its grasp into our own city.

"It's a darn shame, to think that everything comes to this. The riot will be over here any day now, and then we'll all have major problems," said one worried resident of Confluence, Bergham.

According to sources in Rushdon, there were over 400 civilians killed, more than 2000 wounded, and several thousand citizens are participating. The police force has accumulated a loss of nearly 50 officers.

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