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Bounty Demo 1 - Review by MrB

This unique demo shows potential, but it's going to have to fix quite a few shortcomings before it becomes a noteworthy game.

The first demo from obvious_casulty shows unquestionable potential in the form of indiviuality and style, but the game simply needs more work. The concept and talent seems to be there, but oblivious_casulty needs to add some serious polishing and tweaking to the project. If not, it will continue to be an interesting play, but nothing more than interesting in the future releases.

The game is set in a tough city environment, and from what I gathered, the entire city seems to be a rundown ghetto. The harsh condition of the city has been caused by a war with a neighboring city, which has also caused the same unfortunate results for the opposing city. You play Axel, a bounty hunter that does whatever he's told just to keep alive, and the demo is one bounty mission Axel is asigned to. Though it seems like an interesting story, the cutscenes in the demo are extremely buggy, so the actual telling of this potentially great story isn't very good at all. But the originality and text narration of the story is nicely done.

Everything in the game is original except the battle system and menu system, and even though that is a respectable accomplishment, the quality and effort of some of the work isn't where it should be. For example, the game features four different songs; however, two of the songs are just faster versions of the other two. The slow versions are for two different board areas - street and sewer. The faster versions are just battle songs for those areas. Also, even though the songs are nicely composed, the only instrument that seems to be used in either of the songs is a classical piano. So, that automatically makes all the music in the game seem boring and repetitive.

The graphics in the game are not bad at all, and a successful effort for original tiles. Though they have a very grainy texture to nearly all the tiles, they do feature a nice style and a few perks give a great impression graphically to the game. One of those perks is the amazingly animated sewer water running through the underground sewer system. Things like these keep the game fresh and impressive graphically. The sprites in the game look like the developer attempted to use fancy effects and tools from Photoshop or something similiar, but the results weren't very impressive, and pixeled sprites would probably fit the rest of the graphical style better anyway.

Gameplay is definitely the weakest aspect of the demo. Featuring the default battle system, default menu system, one character special move, no useful shops, and only two enemies to battle with (one which is the boss), the fighting is extremely trite and repetitive. The worst part is that, from what I could find, there is really no shop you can buy useful items from. So, when I finally arrived at the boss battle of the demo, I had very little HP left from all the fighting I had done to get to him. Since there were no purchaseable items to heal myself, I was quickly slayed with a few hits from the boss. I attempted to play the game again, running from nearly every single battle I came upon, but I still died miserably at the boss. Though there was an inn in the game, after certain points in the game, it would not let you backtrack. Also, I could never find a spot in the demo where it would let me save the game, which made the whole experience a little stressful since fatal bugs in demos are not exactly uncommon.

I never was able to defeat the likely boss of the demo, Exile, the man you are set out to murder, but after looking through the game files of the demo, I predict that the boss battle was nearly the end of the demo. The demo features about fifteen minutes of pretty boring gaming, but overall, it is a refreshing change to running around hunting down mystical dragons in an attempt save the world at the age of twelve.

Graphics - 7/10
Gameplay - 4/10
Story - 6/10
Sound - 5/10
Value - 4/10
Tilt - 5/10

Total - 5.2/10

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