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Bounty Demo 1 - Review by Haraldur

Graphics: The graphics, while not hugely amazing, worked and were quite nice to look at. The title screen fit very well with the theme and looked quite nice also. The board design was not bad at all, except for the fact there were quite a lot of unopenable doors (but this is a first demo after all, so that is not too bad). The character, while good, could be improved greatly if it was made less fuzzy.
Overall: 7/10

Sound and Music: The music was quite good and fit in well, but got very repetitive and boring after a while. Some new music would make a great difference. There were no sound affects which made battles a bit dull.
Overall: 4/10

Gameplay and Programming: The start menu was very simple, being just 'New' and 'Exit' so loading of old games is not possible from there. Indeed, I could find no place where it was possible to save a game either, which was quite annoying sometimes, but not a huge problem since this is just a short demo. On pressing 'New' you get to another screen. In this screen you have the choice between playing as three different characters. However, only one character's story is available in the demo, but it does have promise. One annoying thing is that the system of moving from board to board is very clumsy and confusing. This should be improved. After this are default menu and battle systems, nothing less than expected in a demo, so that is fine. The battles themselves were quite hard if you forgot to buy healing items but if you do have some healing items then they are not too problematic, they are actually quite easy.
Overall: 5.5/10

Story and Originality: The story is quite good and is not of a type often explored by TK games very often. So it does well for originality. The story is not addictive or gripping, but this is just a demo, so there is not time for that to happen.
Overall: 9/10

Bugs: Not too many visible bugs. There are one stupid one and one gameplay distorting one, however. The stupid one is that after you talk to Exile and he enters the sewer, his sprite still walks around the board where you are. The worse bug is that if you die and the game restarts and you chose 'New' again, then you start off with the same amount of money as you died with. After being killed twice (because of forgetting to buy healing items) I ended up with starting my game with 1460 gold pieces. This should be fixed. That bug is quite a bad one.
Overall: 3/10.

Overall: 57%, which is quite a good score for a demo.

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